What are "Community Groups"?

Community Groups at Glory of Christ Fellowship are intended to address more than what a typical small group Bible Study might, but not as much as the “corporate” church. In part, these groups are one means GCF uses in caring for and loving each other where we live, and meeting other needs in the community. More than a Small Group bible study, the focus is on doing “life together” for mutual growth in Christ by applying God’s Word, and also seeking to reach out to the community as a group. 

Community Group Care

“Helping, Counseling, and Equipping Each Other by Skillfully Engaging Each Other in Conversation, Prayer and Practical Acts of Love.”

Our goal for Community Groups is to foster a truly engaging, helpful, and trusting environment, where people feel free to share their lives and indeed help one another in word and deed.  Community Groups are one of the main venues for “life together” at Glory of Christ. 

Community Group Outreach

Another goal for Community Groups is to engage our communities.  We desire to do “life together” for growth in Christ and also to do “life together” as a means of reaching out to our communities.  This could manifest itself in many ways, such as - 

· Outreach events such as prayer walks, and evangelism in a park, etc
· Inviting neighbors to CG gatherings
· Mercy ministries such as caring for the needy inside and outside the church

If you have any questions about Community Groups, please feel free to contact our Pastor for Community Life, Jordan Pepin at jordan@gcfmn.org

Community Groups (Times & Locations Vary)

Elk River North 
Leader: Craig Prange | craig@gcfmn.org
Elk River East 
Leader: David Fergus | david@gcfmn.org
Elk River West 
Leader: Charlie Handren | charlie@gcfmn.org
Leader: Mike Perry | mike@gcfmn.org
St. Michael 
Leader: Jordan Pepin | jordan@gcfmn.org

Please writes to the leaders for meeting times, locations, topics, and activities!